Titanium Parts for Other Emerson Knives


* The parts listed below were designed to fit the 2014+ Emerson CQC-7BW Knife. However, these parts will also fit many other Emerson production models. Nonetheless, by purchasing these titanium parts you agree that there is a possibility that they may not fit your knife

** These custom titanium parts will not fit frame locks, XHD models or custom/handmade Emerson knives,

*** If you purchased your Emerson knife prior to 2014, it is likely that your knife has a solid backspacer. These knives require specific handle screws that are not compatible with current Emerson standoff models. Please ensure that you have selected the correct screw set for your knife before placing your order. 

These parts do NOT fit these knives: 

These parts have not been tested on these knives, but there is a possibility that they could fit:

These parts have been tested on the following knives and we can confirm that they fit: