Lead Times


Due to the many existing orders on at the moment.

Leads times will be longer than stated below.

Your orders are appreciated and I am working my hardest to get through them all.

Lead Times on Orders

There are many detailed processes involved before an order can be shipped out.

Custom Parts = Customized work that takes time to prepare.

No parts are ready to ship out on the same day.

Parts are designed by xxxadrenalinxxx and tailored to each customer's individual requirements.  So it is not possible to send out the same day.

Once ordered the production process begins. Each order is placed in a production queue of existing orders and worked on when reaching your place in the queue.

Depending on what has been ordered I may need to contact you about your requirements and existing knife mods. (Such as existing aftermarket parts already installed or being planned)


Guideline of Approximate Production Lead Times before shipping out:

Up to 10 business days (the usual lead time before shipping out)

Up to 15 business days (for customized parts during busy periods)

Up to 30 business days (for heavily customized sets + complicated coloring + finishing)

Please note: These times are only a guideline. During very busy periods it can take longer than the stated times. However, we will be working our hardest to get orders completed in the timeliest manner that is humanly possible.

Customized Parts = Custom anodizing & finishing to each customer’s requirements.

Busy Periods = When many existing orders are on. Earlier orders will be worked on first.

Heavily Customized Full Sets = Includes complicated anodizing and finishing of Full Sets.

Custom Machining = Can include custom re-sizing of xxxadrenalinxxx parts.

Custom Finishing = Includes Shiny or Matte Finishing or other Custom finishes

Complicated Coloring = Includes Intricate High Voltage Anodized Colors Such as:

Green, Yellow-Green, Blue-Green, Bright Purple, Teal, Magenta, Yellow, Pink, Blurple, Bright Blue, Rainbow etc.

+ Combined Orders: Will be combined with the most recent order date.

+ For Out-of-Stock items: Can still be ordered but shipping times will be advised.

Please refer to the Shipping Page for (Normal) Shipping Times (and Shipping times affected by COVID-19)

Updated MAY 2021.