COVID-19 Shipping information

Dear Customer,

Due to Covid-19, shipping times have been affected to most countries in the world

During normal times it would take 3-4 weeks to arrive to you once sent. However due to this Worldwide Virus Scare the times have now blown out. Not many planes are flying these days. There is extra handling and precautions needed on parcels. 15-25 business day quarantines on parcels in some countries. Even some countries are now blocked from receiving parcels.

For now, I have had to block many countries that I cannot ship to since the virus scare started. For instance, even sending via Express Post it is taking 3 weeks to arrive instead of 1 week. On top of that, since most shops are closed the shipping companies are overloaded with online parcel shipments on top of all the delays.

Please note that if you are located in the USA, Canada or Germany, your country isn’t blocked but it could take longer than normal for your order to arrive


Please click the following links for further shipping information from the couriers I use (DHL and Australia Post)

Click here to check if shipping times to your country has been affected (DHL)

Click here for further information regarding general service information on your parcels (DHL)

Click here for Express Shipping via Australia Post

Thank you for your patience during these trying times and your parcel will arrive to you shortly.


Kind Regards,