Custom Anodizing Service

xxxadrenalinxxx Custom Titanium Anodizing Service:

I offer this service for any of my titanium parts. (per set)
I do not offer this service for knife scales or customer's own parts.

My parts can be changed to any anodized color.
Some colors cost a bit more.

Such as:
Green, Yellow Green, Toxic Green, Blue Green, Blurple, Pink, Magenta,
Bright Yellow, Teal, Bright Purple, Light Matte Grey, Smokey Matte Black Color.

Other colors do not cost extra such as:
Raw, Brass, Gold, Bronze, Copper, Maroon, Deep Purple, Blue, Light Blue.

Custom Finishes can also be done too:

Such as:
Matte/Matt, Distressed or Shiny Finish.
May cost a bit extra.

Red anodizing is not possible on titanium.
Black anodizing is not possible on titanium but I have come close to a black color.


To order:
Please choose the parts that you are after (any colored)
Then add on one of these Anodizing services for these colors.

You MUST contact me beforehand to discuss requirements.
Once agreed on then it can be proceeded with.

I have the right to refuse custom requests due to time restraints or colors or finishes that are not possible.


Custom Anodizing Service lead time is usually around 1 week but can be up to 2 weeks.