18 pc BLUE Anodized Pivot + Full Screw Set for Spyderco Endura 4 FRN (NO KNIFE)

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Also available in other custom anodized colors.  Just contact me if interested.


Up for sale is a ...

THE FULL 18 Piece BLUE Anodized Custom Titanium
Pivot & Screw Parts Set to fit Spyderco Endura 4 (FRN) Knives.

Might Not Fit the Titanium or Stainless Scale Endura 4. Please contact first for details.
These custom parts are not designed to fit Cloned or Fake Spyderco knives.
Do not buy these parts for any cloned or fake knives as they probably won't fit.
Might also not fit aftermarket scales if they are not the same dimensions as the factory scales.

Want another color??

Other Custom colors can be requested such as:
purpleyellowmaroon, natural raw titanium,
 copper, light bluebrassdark bluebronzegold, etc.
blurple, green, black, magenta, and matt colors cost extra) = (use the drop down menus)


Please note: No knives pictured are for sale.

Modifying / Customizing Notes:

My Custom Titanium Parts Set are designed for fitting the Original 
Spyderco Endura 4 FRN Scales.

My Custom Titanium Parts Set may or may not work on some aftermarket custom scales.
It all depends on how accurate and close the aftermarket scales dimensions are compared to the Original FRN scales.

The pocket clip screws are only designed to fit the thickness of the factory sized Spyderco Endura Pocket clip.

Thicker sized pocket clips might not work. Or you may have sand back the aftermarket scales to fit thicker clips.
I can only supply ones that fit the original size. (Too long and it will hit the blade. Too short and it will fall out)

The factory pivot washer is also not needed with my Titanium Pivot Screw.
As I made the pivot screw head thicker and stronger instead but a bit shorter to make it all work.


These Endura custom parts were extremely hard to make.
It has taken many years, over many production runs and many design changes to get it to this stage.
This is as good as I can get it for now, as it is very hard to hold and see when working on these parts
due to the fine details needed and extremely small size of all the parts.
As time goes on I will include improvements along the way.
This might not be reflected in the photos but will be updated here in the notes below:

2023 UPDATE:
After many requests the Full 18pc Set has been re-made again.
The T8 Pivot Set has been refined to fit a T8 Torx Drive perfectly now. (No need for a T7 Torx)
All Torx drive holes have been perfected and refined.

2019 UPDATE:
 Finally I got the size balance right between being too short and too long on the "D" shaped internal shafts. 

Some extra chamfering and polishing was needed on the edges to make it easier to be inserted into the scales when installing.
Pivot screws were meant to be a T8 Torx Drive size like the original. However it was made too accurate (with no tolerance built in)

and a bit too tight for most torx tools. (some T8 torx may work though) However just use the next size down being a T7 torx drive
and it will fit nicely. (It will be updated and fixed in the upcoming months). Just use a T7 Torx drive on the pivot screws and it will be ok.
The Full Screw 18 Piece set is finally listed up for sale!!

2018 UPDATE: Listed up an 8pc Screw set. (One side of the knife)
But got many requests for the full set. (Both Sides of the knife).
Ok started designing the FULL SET. The parts are so miniature. I had to think of another way to do this,
as it was nearly impossible to make the pivot & scale shafts that small. It needed to be internally threaded to a weird metric
thread size, the shaft also needed to have a flat "D"section milled out on the edge. Many prototypes were done to get

the right balance between screw head thickness, shaft length and it all fitting together.
Again many parts were scrapped to get it right.

2017 UPDATE: Pivot screw now designed, tested and working. Also created the Pivot screw washers.
But found out it is not needed with a thicker pivot screw head. (just like most other knife pivots. No washer is needed)
Scrapped those parts and idea.

2016 UPDATE: Onto designing and prototyping the rest of the parts. Scale screws now designed and working.

2015 UPDATE: Pocket Clip Screw lengths fixed. Just the right length now.

2014 UPDATE: First Pocket Clip Screw Designed Tested and Tested to be a bit short.
Needs to be just right. Too long and it hits the blade. Too short and it won't catch on the threads.

2014 THE REQUEST: Customer asked. Can you make Endura parts? My reply: Sure, No problems.
I'll start off with the Pocket Clip Screws. Started off with the pocket clip screws.

The Pocket Clips screws use a weird rare Metric screw thread. Had to figure out what that was.
No thread gauges measure this size. Spyderco must of created it specifically for the Endura.

^ The beginning of the Endura Challenge / Headache. ^

What is included in this sale is only the 18 piece set of Titanium Parts to fit the 
Spyderco Endura 4 FRN knife. Consisting of 18 x BLUE Anodized parts in total. 

This 18 Piece set includes the following custom titanium parts:

2 x T8 Torx BLUE Titanium Pivot Screws
1 x Threaded BLUE Titanium Pivot Screw Internal "D" shaped shaft (thicker)

8 x T6 Torx BLUE Titanium Body Screws
4 x Threaded BLUE Titanium Body Screw Internal "D" shaped shafts (skinnier)

3 x 
T6 Torx BLUE Titanium Pocket Clip Screws


Installation Warning Notes:

The Endura knife can be quite tricky to take apart and put together compared to other knives. It will not be a 1 minute job.
You will need the right tools and time to do this. (T8 and T6 Torx Drives) Also some mechanical common sense also helps.
Please do not purchase this set if you are not confident in taking your Endura apart and putting it back together.
The Endura knife contains an internal spring loaded back locking mechanism. You will need to hold the lock and knife in such a way to
fit these custom titanium parts. There is a chance the blade can cut you when installing. Please tape up the blade with some painters
masking tape to make it safer when working on it.
 Please watch some Endura disassembly YOUTUBE videos beforehand to see how to it is done. As the factory loctite thread glue can make the screws hard to get out too causing the Torx head to strip.
Also use some Good strong quality Torx German tools to (Such as Wiha or Wera Torx tools)

No knives are included in this sale.

Please contact me if you have any questions or offers.
Offers may be accepted if the right conditions and price is reached.

Other Notes:

Slight color and machining variations may also occur between batches. Custom colors can be requested.
Other colors such as: purpleyellowmaroonraw titaniumlight bluebrassdark bluegreenbronzegold etc.

Once you have received a colored titanium item. It may appear to have lost color once touched,
this is just the oil from your hands. If the oil been cleaned off the color will come back. See cleaning tip below.

Terms and Conditions for International Orders:

If your delivery address is unreadable or incomplete I will not be able to deliver the items to you.
Please make sure your delivery address is full and complete or I will have no choice but to cancel the order.

If your country's language is one other than English. You will need to confirm that you understand, NO KNIVES ARE FOR SALE.
Orders may also be cancelled if you are un-contactable or have an address that is not able to be written in English.

International orders are sent via Airmail and usually take around 2 - 4 weeks to arrive to you once sent.
However orders can take longer to arrive depending on your country's air mailing delivery system.
Please do not buy if you cannot agree to this. All International items are sent via Airmail.

Sorry I have to keep repeating myself but there are many buyers especially from non English speaking countries that
assume the knife is also included. I am just trying to make my listing as clear as possible that NO KNIVES ARE INCLUDED. 
Sorry no orders from Russia will be accepted. 
Orders from Italy must supply a phone number to add to the parcel and customs forms.

If a contact phone number cannot be obtained within 1 week of purchase the order will be canceled and money will be returned if already paid.


I have more matching BLUE titanium parts available for the ENDURA 4 knife.
Please check my other listings or contact me for more custom options. 

(This item is also available in other colors: Brass/Blue/Purple/Copper/Natural/Bronze/Gold/Raw/Maroon/Green etc. Please contact me if interested).


Anodized Titanium Cleaning Tip:

To maintain the look of your new titanium parts.

Gently wipe clean with some Acetone but at the same time

be careful NOT to get Acetone on any FRN or G10 or Carbon knife scales.

(Windex can also work too as a safer option)