Benchmade 940-2 Osborne Knife 2 PC Custom Titanium Thumb Stud Set Anodized GREEN

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Also available in other custom anodized colors.  Just contact me if interested.


Up for sale is a Brand New 2 piece...

Custom GREEN Anodized Titanium Thumb Stud Set to fit the
Benchmade 940-1, 940-2, 940, 943
Series Knives. (plus many others as well)

Upgrade the Grey Steel Thumb Stud to Rust Proof Custom GREEN Titanium Version.

This Custom Titanium Thumb Stud Set is a direct replacement for all the
Benchmade 940 Series knives.

These custom parts are NOT designed to fit any Cloned or Fake Benchmade knives.
Do not buy these parts for any cloned or fake knives as they probably won't fit.
Might also not fit aftermarket scales if they are not the same dimensions as the factory scales.

Please note: No knives pictured or mentioned are for sale.

What is included in this sale is only the 2 piece Thumb Stud Set to fit the original
Benchmade 940 Series knives.
Consisting of 2 x GREEN Anodized parts in total. 

This 2pc set includes the following titanium parts:

1 x Custom Designed GREEN Titanium Thumb Stud Set.

To install this Titanium Thumb Stud Set, good quality Torx T6 tools will be needed. (Such as Wiha Torx tools)

Please note: A bit of thread locking glue, plumbers tape or even a drop of nail polish is highly recommended on
the screw's thread. Just
incase it rattles off over time, as an extra safety precaution.

Slight color and machining variations may also occur between batches. Custom colors can be requested.
Other colors such as purple, yellow, green, natural raw titanium, light blue, brass, dark blue, bronze, gold etc.

Anodizing Notes:

Green is the hardest color to anodize consistently, this color can vary from a Blue Green, to Mint Green to a Yellow Green color and possibly
other shades of colors mixed in. Let me know what tone of Green you are after and I will try my best to keep the color as consistent as possible.
(often re-doing it a few times, wasting parts or throwing away parts and starting again in the process)

These Green parts will not NOT match or be the exact color as any other Benchmade Standoffs or scale.

Green is also very hard to capture on a photograph as it's true color may look different under different lighting conditions or on different angles.
or even on different screens when being viewed. To achieve this Green color additional processes, equipment and toxic chemicals have to be used.
The extra processes and extra safety procedures end up taking much longer than normal anodizing. Therefore reflecting in the higher price for this color.

Additional 940 Series parts:

If wanting the Full Parts Set
(screw set / standoffs / pivot set / thumb stud) best to order all the parts at the same time
so it will be in the same anodizing batch and match much better than if ordered at a later date.

Machining Notes:

Machining variations may also occur between batches. As I am always trying to improve my parts, so slight improvements or upgraded design elements may be added at different times along the way. This may not be reflected in the photos. However it will be added to the notes seen below.

* By placing an order for these Custom parts you are accepting there could be a variation in color or machining to what is pictured.

Please Note:
Only 2 x GREEN Titanium Parts are for sale in this listing.
No knives mentioned are included in this sale.

If you are an international buyer, I may request your phone number and confirmation that
you understand only the parts are only for sale. No knives mentioned or pictured are for sale.

Please contact me if you have any questions or offers.
Offers may be accepted if the right conditions and price is reached.

Terms and Conditions for International Orders:

If your country's main language is one other than English.
You will need to confirm that you understand, NO KNIVES ARE FOR SALE.

I may contact you before sending to confirm that only parts are for sale.
If no reply has been made within 1 week, the sale will be canceled.
I will also cancel the order if the delivery address is unreadable or incomplete.

International orders are sent via Airmail and usually take around 2-3 weeks to arrive to you.
However orders can take longer to arrive depending on your country's air mailing delivery system.
Please do not buy if you cannot agree to this. All International items are sent via Airmail.

Sorry I have to keep repeating myself but there are many buyers especially from Non-English
speaking countries that assume the knife is also included.
I am just trying to make my listings as clear as possible that NO KNIVES ARE INCLUDED.

Sorry NO orders from Russia or surrounding countries will be accepted.
I just cannot read or write the language to be able to send out to you.
Orders from Italy must supply a phone number to add to the parcel and customs forms.


I have many more matching GREEN Benchmade 940 Series titanium parts available.
Such as more Full Screw Set, Pocket Clip Hole Protector Screws, Axis Lock, Standoffs, etc.
Please check my other listings or contact me for more options.

(This set is also available in other colors: Brass/Bronze/Purple/Blue/Raw etc. Please contact me if interested).

Anodized Titanium Cleaning Tip:

To maintain the look of your new titanium parts.

Wipe clean with some Acetone but at the same time

be careful NOT to get Acetone on the G10 or Carbon knife scales.

(Windex can also be used too but acetone is stronger)

PLEASE NOTE: These custom parts may need up to 1 or 2 weeks lead time to process after ordering.