Spyderco Military 3pc Replacement Titanium Pocket Clip Torx Screw Set - NO KNIFE

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Up for sale is a set of brand new ...

Custom Titanium Pocket Clip Torx Screws to fit Spyderco Military Knives.

The factory standard torx screws are not titanium.

They might get rounded, threaded or simply get lost over time. 

Upgrade the standard T6 torx screws to a set of rust proof Genuine Titanium Torx Screws.

Not only do they look good but they are also lighter and stronger than the factory torx screws.

These Genuine Titanium Torx screws are a direct replacement for fastening
the pocket clip onto Spyderco Military knives.

What is included in this sale a set of brand new Genuine Titanium Torx Screws.
Consisting of 3 screws in total. 

To fit these Titanium Torx screws a T6 Torx tool will be needed.

Please note: A bit of thread locking glue, plumbers tape or even a drop of nail polish is highly recommended on
the screw's thread. Just
incase it rattles off over time, as an extra safety precaution.

(This set is also available in other colors: Brass / Bronze / Purple / Blue etc. Please contact me if interested).

Please Note:

Only 3 Titanium Screws are for sale in this listing.

No knives, No pocket clips and No boxes are included.

Please contact me if you have any questions or offers.

Offers may be accepted if the right conditions and price is reached.

Please contact me if you would like to view or pickup this item instead of postage.


PLEASE NOTE: These custom parts may need up to 1 week lead time to process once ordered.