Zero Tolerance ZT0200 200 ZT Knife Anodized Ti Titanium Blade Stop Pin - PURPLE

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Up for sale is 1 brand new.....

A Custom Titanium Blade Stop Pin anodized in a DEEP PURPLE
to fit Zero Tolerance ZT0200 Knives.

The plain factory standard Blade Stop Pin is not made from titanium but made from steel.

Upgrade the plain standard Blade Stop Pin to a rust proof Genuine Titanium PURPLE Anodized version.

Not only do they look great by matching and complementing the Titanium knife body but they are also lighter than the factory version.
It's also great way to customize and personalize your own Zero Tolerance folding knife with genuine titanium parts.

This Genuine Titanium Blade Stop Pin is a direct replacement for Zero Tolerance ZT0200 knives.

Please note: You may want to check your knife first to see if you factory steel Blade Stop Pin is easily removable.
Some are quite hard to remove. Some just drop out. This titanium pin has been designed to fit in easily
however due to the nature of mass production knife making tolerances it may be tight or loose on some knives.

The knives listed and pictured are some examples of the PURPLE Blade Stop Pin fitting these models. (the knifes pictured are not included)

What is included in this sale is only 1 x DEEP PURPLE COLORED Anodized Brand New Custom Titanium Blade Stop Pin in total.
No knives pictured are for sale, they are only there to show what it will look like on certain models. 

Please Note:

Only 1 x PURPLE COLORED Blade Stop Pin is for sale in this listing.
No knives are included in this sale.

If you are an international buyer, I may request confirmation that you understand
only the
1 x BRONZE COLORED Blade Stop Pin is only for sale. No knives pictured are for sale.

Please contact me if you have any questions or offers.
Offers may be accepted if the right conditions and price is reached.

Terms and Conditions for International Orders:

If your country's language is one other than English. You may need to confirm that you understand
only the
1 x PURPLE COLORED Titanium Blade Stop Pin is for sale in this listing. No knives are for sale. 

Sorry I have to keep repeating myself but there are many buyers especially from non English speaking countries that
assume the knife is also included. I am just trying to make my listing as clear as possible that No Knives are included. 
Sorry no orders from Russia will be accepted.
Or countries that I cannot write the address with an English Keyboard.


I have more matching PURPLE ZT0200 titanium parts available.
Please check my other listings for more options. 

(This item is also available in other colors: Brass/Blue/Green/Natural/Bronze etc. Please contact me if interested).

Anodized Titanium Cleaning Tip:

To maintain the look of your new titanium parts.

Wipe clean with some Acetone but at the same time

be careful NOT to get Acetone on the G10 knife scales.

PLEASE NOTE: This custom part may need up to 1 week lead time to process once the order is placed,